Full Interview

The incredible Lewis Howes interviewed me for the School of Greatness!

Lewis is such a great interviewer, he got me talking about things I never talk about and wasn't planning on talking about. We talked about what the Power of Somatic Intelligence is, how it relates to us and why it's so important, the difference between sensuality and sexuality, seduction and the MeToo movement, what living in greatness means, about the power of intention, how to calibrate the five elements of somatic intelligence to our success, and so much more. There are so many insights for you to take away and apply to your life, and some very powerful distinctions that came out of this organic conversation that left an impact even on us. Here are some of them, I hope you will enjoy this interview. 

  • The common misconception about seduction (7:35)

  • What Chen decided to do after her awakening (10:24)

  • How she learned about seduction in Cuba (18:12)

  • What Cuba has in their culture that allowed her to free herself from trauma (22:41)

  • When and why we started to lose the connection with our bodies (25:16)

  • How having elegance calms nerves (30:12)

  • How men can connect more without crossing boundaries (41:47)

  • How we can learn to listen to our bodies (45:58)

  • How a man can be more sensual to attract a female partner (50:47)

  • What Chen has to say to people that feel vulnerability and sensuality is weakness (56:18)

  • How her arm injury was a result of not opening up emotionally (1:07:42)

  • Plus much more…