The 5 Elements of Somatic Intelligence


What is Somatic Intelligence? It's the process of releasing and reprogramming stuck energy, emotional blocks, and beahvioural patterns, created by past hurt and our circumstances, that have been trapped in our physical bodies, by changing our body language, and through conscious movement and cognitive exercises.

We do this by optimizing five important somatic elements that touch on our confidence, meaning and drive, sense of enjoyment, love and playfulness - coming back home to our body, our primary home, where we learn to love, trust and act.

The process allows us to identify the issues we face, find the root cause of them and then heal, allowing us to step into our full power, impacting our performance in every area of our lives.

The process increases personal sturdiness, helps release what is blocking usraises self-confidence to our highest reach, affects our self-worth and give us confidence to act, daring more. It improves relationships, performance and effectiveness. It increases motivation, vitality, hope, courage and curiosity, and reduces stress, anxiety and burn out. It quiets the mind allowing us to be more present. For women, it is also an opportunity to reclaim your femininity and to experience its full beautiful powers. 

The 3 Influencers

The five somatic elements sit on the background of three influencers that affect how the elements mix uniquely in us:

Life Stage

At what point in your life is this knowledge meeting you? What age are you at? And what is currently happening in your life? Are you in a crisis? Are you opening up to the world with excitement? Signs of age and changing body image.

Cultural Identity

What culture do you come from and what are the cultural expectations around you? Are you a Canadian? Cuban? Japanese? French? Israeli? Have you lived in other countries other than your own? What are the media's expectations around you? Is it of perfection? Is it of cultural diversity? Is it of hate? How is social media affecting your real-life connections and leisure time? Do you feel like you belong? Or do you feel separated? What is your religion?


What values were you taught at home? How much love did you get at home? What is your personality? Are you an introvert? An extrovert? Shy? Sexy? Funny? What is your sexual orientation?  What is your gender? How do you feel about yourself? How satisfied are you with whom you have become?

The 5 Somatic Dials

Imagine having five dials each controlling one somatic element. Your self-identity, cultural-identity and life stage, decide how much of each element will go into your unique mix, daring to be fully you. Calibrating correctly your elements will impact your performance in every area of your life.  

Elegance - somatic element of Confidence

Elegance is the possession of ourselves, the quietness of being ourselves. It’s the element of confidence, pride and self-worth. It gives us the BEING that balances our DOING, emotional sturdiness, power and stillness

Intention - somatic element of Meaning

Intention gives us meaning, drive, and purpose. Holding an intention in the body focuses us towards something like a sharp arrow. It’s the element of DOING and is very important for persistence, perseverance and achieving our goals.

Tempo - somatic element of Enjoyment

Tempo is the inner rhythm of enjoyment that releases endorphins and dopamine through body movements, leading to a natural high. When we get addicted to the pace of DOING we feel stress, depression and anxiety. That’s when we need to detox and learn how to tap back into this power inside us which is the antidote. 

Sabrosura - somatic element of Love

Sabrosura is our innate sensuality that’s inside each and every one of us that sits on physical self-love? The Sabrosura connects us through bonding, empathy, generosity, and feelings of love to the Oxytocin, which with the endorphins are responsible for our happiness. It’s very important for feeling trust and belonging.


Mystery - somatic element of Playfulness

Mystery is our attraction power and where we get to play. It has a sexual and non-sexual form – seduction and social charm - and as a result is the element most people struggle with. Yet we cannot live without it because sexual energy is part of our life energy that impacts our vitality. It is known already that when we waste our sexual energy we die at a younger age.