The 5 Elements of Somatic Intelligence

What is Somatic Intelligence? It's the process of raising self-awareness through bodywork and experiencing, that leads to change in behavioural patterns for the better. We do this by optimizing five important somatic elements that touch on our confidence, meaning and drive, sense of enjoyment, love and playfulness. The process allows us to come back to our true nature, coming back home to our body - our primary home - where we learn how to love, trust and connect. It helps us develop awareness for the challenges we face and show us what changes we need to implement into our daily practices in order to embody and ingrain these changes, reaching our optimal way of life.

The skills learned can impact our personal and professional lives. They increase personal sturdiness, help release what is blocking usraise self-confidence to our highest reach, affect our self-worth and give us confidence to act, daring more. They improve relationships, performance and effectiveness. They increase motivation, vitality, hope, courage and curiosity, and reduce stress, anxiety and burn out. They quiet the mind allowing us to be more present. For women, it is also an opportunity to reclaim your true feminine essence and to experience its full beautiful powers. 

How does it work? Each somatic element is linked to certain values. For example: elegance is linked to integrity, patience, respect, humility, clarity, fairness, ethics, peace, Independence, listening, accountability, reliability, recognition, mindfulness, responsibility, and loyalty.

Based on what you feel is missing in your life, the somatic element associated with it can be identified and brought back to your optimal level. Identifying what is missing is like providing a road map for the bodywork, moving into experiencing - you gain perspective of what your starting point is and where you'd like to get. Since the way we move is the way we live life, when we change how we move, we also change how we live life. The subsequent cognitive and bodywork sessions focus on moving towards your goal, turning up the levers that are not at an optimal state.  The process takes place in a non-judgmental environment feeling compassion and caring, allowing you to let go and explore new patterns of behaviour.


The five somatic elements sit on the background of three influencers that affect how they mix uniquely in us:

Life Stage

At what point in time does this knowledge meet me? What age am I at? And what is happening in my life? Am I in a crisis? Am I opening up to the world with excitement? Signs of age & changing body image.

Cultural Identity

What culture do I come from and what are the cultural expectations of me? Am I a Canadian? Cuban? Japanese? French? Israeli? What are the media's expectations around me? Is it of perfection? What is portrayed around me as a healthy body image? Do I have the courage to go after what I want and to live my dreams, leaving the comfort zone? How is social media affecting my real-life connections and leisure time? Do I feel like I belong?


What values was I taught and how much love did I get at home? What is my personality? Am I an introvert? An extrovert? Shy? Sexy? Funny? What do I see when I look in the mirror? How do I feel about myself – internally and body-image? What is my gender? What are my boundaries? Sexual orientation? How satisfied am I with who I am? Do I have a purpose?

the 5 levers

Imagine having five levers each controlling one somatic element. Based on your self-identity, cultural-identity & life stage, you decide how much of each element will go into your unique mix, daring to be you. Calibrating your elements leads to improved performance and living your optimal way of life.  


Elegance - the somatic element of Confidence

Elegance is about the possession of ourselves, the quietness of being ourselves. It's about our BEING. Instead of having our energy be scattered and fragmented, which happens a lot due to the media, work and technology overload, we get collected, focused and feel an inner peace. It's the element of confidence, pride and self-worth. Think Michelle Obama, Oprah and Justin Trudeau. They have dignity and grace. It's about who they are being rather than what they are wearing, and how they present themselves in all areas of their lives. Their being leaves an unforgettable impression on us. Elegance is also a Power Pose which changes the chemistry in the body in just two minutes, affecting our behaviour and the results. Without warmth our elegance can seem arrogant and cold, but with warmth it becomes inviting.  It gives us an anchor, sturdiness and thundering presence. 

Tempo - the somatic element of Enjoyment

Our tempo, our inner rhythm, is the element of enjoyment and satisfaction. It can be slow or fast. It's about how we afford the time. As we get stressed and burned out, feeling anxiety from our task list, we get stiff in our bodies, tend to lock the jaw and our breathing. We get addicted to the race. We forget to enjoy the journey and we get focused just on the end goal. In the past, enjoyment was released naturally through our body movements when we walked, talked etc. It released dopamine and endorphin in the body. Today we kill our natural tempo and it penetrates all of our important relationships and actually hurts our human happiness. When we give ourselves permission to take pleasure, our heart sings while doing the most mundane tasks. Enjoyment increases our motivation, vitality, positivity, sense of satisfaction, creativity and innovation. As a result, it improves performance and effectiveness. That's where the magic happens! 

Intention - the somatic element of Meaning

When we are intentional in our body we feel a strong drive, purpose, core and meaning. It's about DOING. Intention drives action and the quality of the action. It is extremely important when wanting to make our dreams or vision come true. Leaning forward into a situation is about letting go of our fear and having courage to trust ourselves and life. Think about having an intention of enjoyment, or of productivity, they have very different qualities. We get intentional towards something. It's what comes before we act – it's the 'why' behind what we do. To have an intention is to have purpose, to have purpose is to impact, and to impact is to feel fulfilled and satisfied.

Sabrosura - the somatic element of Love

The sabrosura is the sensuality that's in all of us, that's innate, in men and women alike. For women it is about experiencing our full femininity and power.  When the sabrosura gets released in the body, it releases endorphin and makes us feel a natural high that produces simple moments of joy, affecting the quality of our lives. We feel it naturally when we soften up, when we flirt, when we feel good about ourselves, when we do something wonderful for another, when we care or love, and more. In today's modern world our lifestyle tends to kill the natural sabrosura preventing it from releasing, due to the daily stress and the fast pace of life. The sabrosura helps us exude something warm and welcoming, making us more open and approachable. It helps us improve relationships, making them stronger, warmer and more meaningful. It allows us to diffuse conflict and to soften aggressive energies and behaviours. It relates to warmth, sensuality, softness, trust, community and positivity. It helps develop compassion and empathy. It is the "It factor."


Mystery - the somatic element of Playfulness

Mystery is the element of playfulness, courage and curiosity. It's a somatic form of play, dialogue and communication that releases us from the fear of rejection. It allows us to leave things open for future possibilities, turning a 'no' or a 'maybe' into a future 'yes.' It creates a double sense that leaves others guessing, which is also great for negotiations. It has a personal form that wakes up desire in love relationships, and a business form which is non-sexual and uses our best asset - our personality - to charm others and leave an ever-lasting impression on them. The intention behind our play is what differentiates an authentic connection from manipulation. Mystery boosts a healthy competition and when used, with a win-win goal in mind, can lead to improved performance and motivation. It's also the secret ingredient that boosts confidence.