Our Tribe


The Power of Somatic Intelligence is a global community of inspiring change makers, with a common culture, values and language, wishing to elevate their performance in every area of their lives, pushing themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of, and understanding that they are only bound by the limits they create. A community of unique international change makers from all walks of life, wishing to leave a positive footprint on the world, who are committed to releasing and healing their own past hurt and emotional blocks that are preventing them from reaching their full potential. It's about a community of like-minded loving people that wish to feel supported on this journey, to live the best version of life possible for them - to inspire and be inspired - and to impact the world leading by example.

We show up, really show up - with all of our beauty and faults. We don't judge each other for where we are in life but treat each other with respect and dignity. We live by the values of - integrity, authenticity, inspiration, perseverance, daring and pleasure. We find answers and support to the issues we need to heal, allowing us to step into our full potential, and we adopt the mindset of turning any darkness - big or small - into beauty. We aim to live in greatness, but not as an individual only, but as a tribe, because being part of a tribe gives us the strength we need to lift higher and to fulfill our life’s purpose.  Greatness is meant to be shared, so we can elevate together as a human race to a much more powerful place.



PS - Flirting is allowed and welcome... as long as we aim to add value to the other person, giving and not taking, and respect a "no" if one comes our way.