Our Tribe


Our environment and its listening to us gives us the freedom to be who we are. If people treat us in a generous nonjudgmental way we feel elevated and open to explore. If they treat us with criticism and judgment we feel small and we protect. This is why it matters so much whom we surround ourselves with.

The Power of Somatic Intelligence is a way of life, inspiring like-minded people with a common culture, values and language, and offering tools for living in a way where we can't wait to get up in the morning and go do what we love to do. It's a community of people who wish to feel supported on this journey and to live the best version of life possible for them - to be inspired and to inspire others. Because being part of a tribe gives us the strength we need to lift higher and to fulfill our purpose. 


We show up, really show up - with all of our beauty and faults. We don't judge each other for where we are in life but treat each other with respect and dignity. We live by the values of integrity, authenticity, inspiration, perseverance, daring and pleasure. Those who need to heal find answers and support to do it, those that are ready to lead at whatever capacity get supported to step up. We elevate as a community to a much more powerful place. We feel the power of the tribe.

We adopt the mindset of super positivity - seeing inspiration in challenges and turning the darkness into beauty.

This is the life of greatness, but not as an individual only, but as a tribe, because if we are at greatness alone - we can feel lonely, but if we are great together we feel a super power. Greatness is meant to be shared so we can elevate as a human race.

Join the tribe!


PS - Flirting is allowed and welcome... as long as we aim to give and not to take, respect a "no" if one comes up, and look for ways to add value to the other person.