In the Press

Some interviews and articles about our work, from around the world, that can provide you with beautiful new insights and deepen your understanding.

Lewis Howes - School of Greatness

An interview with Chen Lizra, in the USA, about Somatic Intelligence, the trauma she went through, why somatics are important, with lots of insights and practical practices that will impact your happiness & performance.

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Good morning Lalaland

An interview with Chen Lizra on Good Morning Lalaland in the USA, about Somatic Intelligence, the 5 elements of Somatic Intelligence method, what it brings to our lives and the magical sabrosura.

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Arts of Thought

Reclaiming Your Femininity - New Female Leadership

Chen Lizra provides deep insights, in this new article, about the challenges that women are faced with today, a new female leadership model and how Somatic Intelligence can impact all of this.

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Somatic Intelligence: How To Think And Live In Greatness with Chen Lizra

An interview with Adam Markel in the Conscious PIVOT Podcast in the USA about overcoming the fears that block our success, and overcoming them by learning through the body.

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Estas mujeres te lo van a enseÑar todo (These Women are going to teach you everything)

An interview with Chen Lizra, and other international powerful women, in Ego magazine in Spain, part of the Hearst brand, about the power of seduction in our everyday life.


One change you can make to dramatically improve your relationships & happiness

An interview with Chen Lizra in Cosmopolitan UK about embracing vulnerability and owning our power.

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I crashed and suffered 10 years of suicidal thoughts. Until I decided to turn the curse into a gift

Chen Lizra’s moving personal story, in Lady Globes magazine in Israel, overcoming the trauma of her mom becoming mentally ill, when she was just 11 years old. The breakdown she went through and how she turned her life around.

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The author and life coach who will make you rediscover the word “seduction”

Be Bold magazine in India interviewed Chen Lizra about being bold, her perseverance, seduction, what she realized in Cuba, her 5 Elements of Somatic Intelligence method and much more.

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Increase motivation & Energy

“Working on the premise that connecting to our inner rhythm of enjoyment is about re-teaching our body how to tune to the right channel. So we can take pleasure from the simplest of things.” - Somatic Intelligence in Morocco - the luxury magazine - Food & Travel - in the UK, featured the Power of Enjoyment.