The Power of Enjoyment: From Singular Focus to Inner Spaciousness




Do you live to work, or work to live?

When was the last time you’ve truly let go and enjoyed your life? See if you’re the right fit to join our next exclusive retreat and go on this transformational adventure.

Enjoy your life a lot more while achieving greater ambitions.

Our guests, who attend one of the Power of Somatic Intelligence retreats, leave experiencing a deep transformation in their lives. You will too...

  • Develop practical skills during world-class workshops.

  • Relax at gorgeous locations.

  • Have fun with an inspiring group of leaders at dream-like parties.

A retreat for leaders, achievers & visionaries

Here’s why many “achievers” crash...

They focus on achieving their goals, living out of a singular focus, but get stuck in their heads and disconnected from their bodies. They shut down what they consider “negative” emotions - emotions they don’t wish to feel and process.

The more they seem to accomplish, the less fun life becomes, and the less embodied they are. They put up barriers, making it harder and harder for their loved ones to connect with them.

As leaders and achievers, we wake up to work on our careers or business goals. However, for many of us the bags under our eyes get bigger and bigger, and we have less energy when we get back home. What is the problem?

We get addicted to the pace of the race.


From €2899.00 Euros Per Person



Discover a deep, never-ending sense of pleasure within

The Power of Enjoyment is a retreat that will help you decrease stress, unnecessary work-pressure and the heavy weight of responsibility on your shoulders. During this 5-star retreat, we will together discover a deep, never-ending inner spaciousness within, that gives us a sense of pleasure and inner-richness. A valuable resource available to you anytime, anywhere, even when the daily problems of work and life stack up and you feel like there’s not enough time to handle it all.

Trevor came to Marrakesh without any expectations. He just wanted to enjoy. After this 5-star transformational retreat, his life wasn’t the same anymore… He said that for the first time since a very long time he could truly enjoy himself and finally ground himself peacefully in the present moment.

“Just for the energy, I’d do it again.” - Tierney

When you tap into your power of enjoyment, it makes you a more effective leader. You:

  • Remove emotional barriers.

  • Be present and emotionally available in the moment.

  • Truly enjoy your day to day.

  • Be more authentically yourself.

  • Allow yourself and others to feel safe to be vulnerable.

  • Relate on a much deeper level.

Your 5-star experience in paradise

The Power of Enjoyment retreat is like stepping into a different reality. The gorgeous locations in and around the magical city of Marrakesh will inspire you to live a life of pleasure. We will ride camels into the sunset while unlocking the wisdom of your heart.

Remember: Enjoyment is not something that happens “out there.” It is a state of mind you discover within, which you’ll take back home allowing you to live a more fulfilled life.

Join us for an unforgettable self-development retreat and activities in the city of Marrakesh. Click the button to see if you’re fit to join the next inspiring group of people and let the adventure begin:

Together, we’ll dive deep into these essential leadership qualities:

“Take anything that comes your way and turn it into inspiration.”

One of the most valuable skills you can have as a leader is to turn any challenge into inspiration for others. At the power of enjoyment retreat, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create safe places for people to be themselves.

  • Allow people to open up and be authentic.

  • Dive deep into the unknown, embracing it, and transform the most difficult problems into inspiration for everyone.

  • Become a more effective leader by freeing more of your emotional capacity and creativity.

Most importantly for you, you can teach everything you learn at this retreat to others, paying it forward. Therefore, the people you work with will stop wasting so much energy on fears that hold them back, and will get things done.

Communicate With Power (without saying a word)

This is the reason why some leaders inspire thousands of people and others can’t even motivate a small team to finish some tasks. At the power of enjoyment retreat, you’ll not just discover the truth about the most effective communication with others, you’ll embody it.

We close the gap between what we feel and what we show through attunement, impacting our emotional availability and performance. When we learn to get out of our own way, while getting attuned, embodied and connected to what we feel, we connect with people on a much deeper level than words.

During this retreat we’ll take you by the hand and show you how to use the most powerful form of communication in your daily life - your being and personality.  

Manipulate Time

After the retreat you’ll feel like you have more time, because you’ll know the elements that manipulate the sense of time.

Everyone who has been on this retreat had the same “extraordinary” experience - they discovered how to make one day feel like a week, through inner spaciousness. This means you’ll know how to take the feeling of lack of time and turn it into inner richness. You’ll know exactly what to do to adjust tempo and create a feeling of more time for yourself and others.


Regenerate Energy Inside Your Body

Few people know that your body can regenerate energy. Even fewer people know how to actually do this. In Marrakesh, with a very practical 3-step formula, we’ll show you how to expand your vitality by regenerating energy at will. No, not some woo-woo kind of energy.

We’ll teach you how to release endorphins through body movements that manipulate the inner rhythm of your body, which is in charge of your pleasure. With a little effort, you’ll be able to tap into the right amount of energy inside your body - when you wake up, when you’re at work, or when you’re out with your loved-ones.

Imagine enjoying a full day of work AND having more energy to have fun with your friends or family at the end of the day. With this little-known formula, people will wonder why you just don’t seem to get tired.

This is why others loved it so much:


  • Your flight, visa and medical insurance

  • Airport taxes if applicable

  • Taxi from and to the airport

  • Dinners - giving you more flexibility to break away from the group and do your thing

  • The adventure in the adventurous courage activity

  • Transportation back from the souk and to the hammam

  • Nightlife activities are optional



From €2899.00 Euros Per Person


  • A stay with us will give you the opportunity to experience the traditional Moroccan lifestyle with a touch of luxury

  • A unique 5 nights stay at a charming Moroccan riad exclusive just for our group

  • 1-night desert camp experience with camel ride

  • World class self development with an incredible international team

  • Delicious Moroccan cuisine - breakfasts & lunches included - prepared daily with local fresh ingredients

  • Workshops by The Somatic Wonder Team including: meditation, daily practices, somatic workshops, group workshops, connection exercises, group reflection and much more

  • A 90 minutes visit to one of the best locals hammams (steam baths) for scrubbing and a 1 hour pampering massage

  • Unforgettable activities inside Moroccan culture, a culture that truly knows how to enjoy life.

If you’re a leader, you owe it to yourself and your team to experience The Power of Enjoyment.

“I couldn’t have learned this without the group energy.” - Trevor

“I couldn’t have learned this without the group energy.” - Trevor

Join an extraordinary group of people.

The Power of Enjoyment Retreat attracts a community of leaders, change-makers and visionaries. You’ll be part of this unique community that comes together to support each other in growing while having fun. Together with these other inspirational people, you’ll enjoy the process of breaking down barriers to be the amplified version of yourself.

Take it back home

After attending this retreat, you’ll carry the lessons home inside your heart.

Break down the barriers, expand time and have more fun when you release the joyous leader inside of you at the upcoming Power of Enjoyment Retreat in Marrakesh.


Important - this is NOT a dance program, but a somatic personal development program.


From €2899.00 Euros Per Person


Esther Perel.jpg

You want to be successful personally and professionally. Chen Lizra avoids the pitfalls of business skills and techniques and instead takes you to the heart of the matter:  the human factor.  Your relationship with yourself and your body, your relationships with others. The body, our primary home, is where we learn to love, trust, and act.  Chen brings you home, and restores connection. Then she unleashes your confidence, the bridge to relationships. Emboldened and unstoppable, you take off for your highest reach. Her approach is deceptively simple, like all allegories that touch on archetypal stories.  I attended Chen’s workshop in New York, Odysseus came to mind, our quest for home and journey.  — ESTHER PEREL - PSYCHOLOGIST, AUTHOR, 2 X TED SPEAKER - USA


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"You are a great example for other people of how they too can turn the darkness into beauty. Yours is an amazing transformation. You show up like yourself - true nature - the way you are supposed to be, living in an authentic loving way, enjoying life to the fullest. You exude this energy."


The Perfect Location & Rates

The beautiful Moroccan riad is located in the heart of the medina, it allows our guests to stroll through the streets of the old city and discover all the richness of Moroccan culture. Close to the main tourist attractions of Marrakech, it will allow you to visit the Bahia Palace, not to mention the famous Jemma el Fna and its souks that take you directly to the Medersa Ben Youssef. Before and after your excursions, you will enjoy the calm of the riad and its three patios decorated and furnished in the purest Moroccan tradition.

The riad offers 4 types of beautiful rooms. First come first serve basis. Book early to ensure getting the room category of your liking. 



Standard Room

€2899.00 / Single room

Junior Suite

€3199.00 / Single room

€2999.00 / Double room

Superior Suite

€3299.00 / Single room

€3199.00 / Double room

Solarium Suite with Sauna

€3699.00 / Single room

€3499.00 / Double room

For full booking terms and conditions please click here.

The Somatic Wonder Team

Chen Lizra

Chen Lizra - TED Speaker, award winning social entrepreneur, Somatic Intelligence life coach, best-selling author and professional dancer. Chen specializes in causing transformation through the body, the soma, through experiencing, changing behavioural patterns for the better.

"The Power of Somatic Intelligence came to life out of a quest I started at the age of 20 to find my true self. I was buried under a lot of layers of expectations and broken from the childhood I grew up in."  read more


Israel Valdes (Pirri) - Graduated from the ENA (the National School of Art) in 2003 as a dancer and teacher of modern, contemporary dance, and Cuban folkloric dances. Reached the level of principal soloist as part the prestigious CFNC – the National Folklore Group of Cuba - between 2003-2013, under the direction of Juan García and later Manolo Micler. Studied from such grand masters as Domingo Pau, Leonardo Martínez, Lazara Nápoles, el Goyo, Julián Villa, Sergio Larrinaga, Alberto Méndez, Santiago Alfonso, Lizt Alfonso and more. Toured internationally in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Ecuador. Later, continued to Ebony in order to express his full artistic knowledge. Taught in Japan, Mexico, Spain, Colombia and Brasil, where he currently resides.

"Life is not just about working, starting a family and dying. It goes far beyond that. It is about connecting with people in a simple, sensitive but profound way. It is being in harmony with yourself and others. It is about having confidence and a goal in life, far beyond our dreams. And it all starts within.


Fritz Lensch – Emerging leadership specialist, Coach, Facilitator, Futurist and former professional dancer, choreographer and youngest creative director at Universal Music. After a career in dance having choreographed shows like the MTV Music Awards and the Eurovision Song Contest, Fritz completed a strategy degree in the UK while launching a venture capital fund of £2.5m that helped PhD projects to commercialize, and interning with leading venture funds around Europe. Concerned by poor leadership in the world and inspired by his Buddhist practice, Fritz found his calling in helping leaders integrate radicalism and wisdom. His somatic approach disrupts toxic patterns, ignites new energies and deepens relationships.