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The Power of Enjoyment: The Happiest Place on Earth is Within You



Power of Enjoyment

Do you live to work, or work to live?

We live life like we are surviving it, yet there is a whole other way that we can live it, that we don't even know that exists right now.


We experience a lot of stress daily, in the Western World, which according to scientists creates negative thoughts and feelings, which in turn reduces our happiness levels. We think too much and don’t feel enough. We get addicted to the pace of the race.

In the consumer world of today we are focused on achieving, owning, immediate response and gratification. Enjoyment and pleasure are things reserved for times when we can stop and relax. We buy consume and discard our joy, satisfaction, leisure and pleasures. The bar keeps going higher and higher. The overload, the nonstop activities and tasks, the technological and media saturation and clutter, the ability to reach people immediately, all add up, affecting our happiness and satisfaction in life.

Our positivity and joy of life affect the connection to ourselves, others the quality of our life. We need to strike a better balance in life and come back home to our bodies. If we can eliminate some of the negative displeasure and find meaning instead, we will in turn raise our sense of happiness. We'll expose you to the secrets of your inner rhythm of enjoyment and to the mindset of super positivity, allowing you to find the happiest place on earth – inside you.



From €1889.00 Euros Per Person



What this Program is About...

The focus of the program is to delve deeply into the 3 parts of enjoyment:

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  • Body movements, that get us into a new tempo of life, that release dopamine and endorphin and make us feel pleasure, leading to a natural high.

  • Super positivity – developing the kind of mindset that sees gifts and growth in every challenge even when we don't like the reality we are faced with - living inspired.

  • Adventurous Courage – stepping out of our comfort zone and what is expected of us, trying new things, getting playful, letting go of the 'no' and daring to explore the 'yes' where we get stopped.

Suitable for anyone who wants to push themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of and understand that they are only bound by the limits they create. You will discover these tools through unforgettable experiences, and activities and tap into the pleasures of Marrakesh, embodying the teachings while developing a new and inspiring new living habit.

Become inspired to live daily a life of enjoyment, open to possibilities, with an open loving heart. Understand that enjoyment is not something that just happens on vacation but a state of mind that comes from in to out, and connects us to ourselves and others.

Join us for an unforgettable self-development retreat and activities in the charming city of Marrakesh, with a special group of people and let the adventure set you free.

Important - this is NOT a dance program, but a somatic personal development program.


From €1889.00 Euros Per Person


You want to be successful personally and professionally. Chen Lizra avoids the pitfalls of business skills and techniques and instead takes you to the heart of the matter:  the human factor.  Your relationship with yourself and your body, your relationships with others. The body, our primary home, is where we learn to love, trust, and act.  Chen brings you home, and restores connection. Then she unleashes your confidence, the bridge to relationships. Emboldened and unstoppable, you take off for your highest reach. Her approach is deceptively simple, like all allegories that touch on archetypal stories.  I attended Chen’s workshop in New York, Odysseus came to mind, our quest for home and journey.  — ESTHER PEREL - PSYCHOLOGIST, AUTHOR, 2 X TED SPEAKER - USA



This Program Will Help You to...

  • Learn how to let go of the stress and tap into the inner rhythm of enjoyment which is innate to your body, affecting your sense of happiness and satisfaction

  • Develop a new state of mind that fills your daily life with positivity, excitement, drive and energy, and helps you overcome any challenge in life

  • Connect to yourself by tapping into your emotional intelligence and unlocking the wisdom of your heart

  • Gain practical tools for living each day playfully and developing meaningful relationships

  • Craft your own routines, structure every day for success and increase your emotional sturdiness

  • Leave with excitement for your new life's tempo, enjoying the journey and not just the end goal, inspired to continue living with more intention and love


"You are a great example for other people of how they too can turn the darkness into beauty. Yours is an amazing transformation. You show up like yourself - true nature - the way you are supposed to be, living in an authentic loving way, enjoying life to the fullest. You exude this energy."




  • World class self development with an incredible international team

  • Delicious Moroccan cuisine - breakfasts & lunches included, prepared with local ingredients. Option of vegetarian food

  • Unique 6 x Nights stay at a charming Riad exclusive just for our group

  • Workshops by The Somatic Wonder Team including: meditation, daily practices, somatic workshops, group workshops, connection exercises, group reflection and much more

  • Visit to a pampering hammam (steam bath) for scrubbing and a pampering massage

  • Unforgettable activities inside Moroccan culture, a culture that knows how to enjoy life


  • Your flight, visa and medical insurance

  • Airport taxes if applicable

  • Taxi from and to the airport

  • Dinners - giving you more flexibility to break away from the group and do your thing

  • An adventure in the adventurous courage activity

  • Nightlife activities are optional



From €1889.00 Euros Per Person


"I started working with Chen during a very difficult time of separation from a 20-year long relationship. I was disconnected from my body, overcome with trauma, anxiety and low self-esteem. Chen taught me the most fundamental movements and my body awareness was slowly awakened. I began to understand that I could regain the enjoyment that my body and soul desperately needed, and that Chen's somatic bodywork approach provided quicker results than any other method. My body movements had the power to let my overly judgmental brain take a break so that I could be in the moment with focus and intention. The conversation within myself began to evolve. I understood that taking responsibility for developing a vital and positive attitude was a skill that could be developed using my body and was impacting every aspect of my life." - JOSHUA KAMIEN - PHOTOGRAPHY PROFESSIONAL, ISRAEL



The Perfect Location & Rates

The beautiful Moroccan Riad is located in the Berrima district, which remained a traditional neighborhood, right next to the old Jewish quarter: built around a mosque, a bread oven, a school, and a hammam, it transports you to another time. It is located in the south of the Medina, a 15-minute walk from Jemaa el Fna Square. Accessible only by foot through a pedestrian street about 100 meters from the car park, it guarantees you an absolute calm.

The Riad offers 3 types of beautiful rooms. All rooms are shared. Five standard rooms and two superior rooms have the option of separating the twin beds or connecting them into double beds. Two superior rooms offer only double beds, meaning two people sleeping in the same bed, and two superior rooms will have three beds. Booking is on a first come first serve basis. Book early to ensure getting the room category of your liking. 

€1889.00 / Per person in a shared room - 2 people in a standard or 3 people in a superior

€1989.00 / Per person in a shared superior room with 2 people only


Standard Room - twin or a double bed

Triple Room - 1 double, 1 single or 3 single beds

Superior Room - double or twin bed

For full booking terms and conditions please click here.


The Somatic Wonder Team

 Chen Lizra

Chen Lizra - TED Speaker, award winning social entrepreneur, Somatic Intelligence life coach, best-selling author and professional dancer. Chen specializes in causing transformation through the body, the soma, through experiencing, changing behavioural patterns for the better.

"The Power of Somatic Intelligence came to life out of a quest I started at the age of 20 to find my true self. I was buried under a lot of layers of expectations and broken from the childhood I grew up in."  read more

 Rosemary Dream's Dream Team

Damaris Hechavarria - Graduated in 2004 as a professional dancer from the ISA (High Institute of Arts) in Havana, Cuba. Danced with the Franco-Haitian folklore group Ban Rarrà with the master and choreographer Isaias Rojas. For 2 years was part of the cast of the famous 'Cabaret Parisien' at Hotel Nacional (2nd in importance after the Cabaret Tropicana). Since 2006 she relocated to Italy and continues to teach locally and internationally – cabaret lady style, Afro-Cuban dances and popular Cuban dances. She also has musical instrumental talents.  

"This journey is your chance to realize how positive your world could be, enjoying every moment of your day!!! A world of positivity and possibilities!!! I would love to help you improve your vision of yourself and I can’t wait to share with you all of my knowledge.

Israel Valdes (Pirri)

Israel Valdes (Pirri) - Graduated from the ENA (the National School of Art) in 2003 as a dancer and teacher of modern, contemporary dance, and Cuban folkloric dances. Reached the level of principal soloist as part the prestigious CFNC – the National Folklore Group of Cuba - between 2003-2013, under the direction of Juan García and later Manolo Micler. Studied from such grand masters as Domingo Pau, Leonardo Martínez, Lazara Nápoles, el Goyo, Julián Villa, Sergio Larrinaga, Alberto Méndez, Santiago Alfonso, Lizt Alfonso and more. Toured internationally in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Ecuador. Later, continued to Ebony in order to express his full artistic knowledge. Taught in Japan, Mexico, Spain, Colombia and Brasil, where he currently resides.

"Life is not just about working, starting a family and dying. It goes far beyond that. It is about connecting with people in a simple, sensitive but profound way. It is being in harmony with yourself and others. It is about having confidence and a goal in life, far beyond our dreams. And it all starts within.