Somatic Intelligence Assessment & Coaching


Our personality, our most important competence, is one of the top assets we have for success, yet so little time is focused on developing the human factor and connection.

Emotional blocks and past hurt, create an emotional imprint that prevents us from reaching our full potential, impacting our performance and quality of life. The emotional blocks turn into a somatic freeze that limits what is possible for us. When the inner and the outer don’t align through authenticity and embodiment, something is off.

Somatic Intelligence is the process of releasing and reprogramming stuck energy, emotional blocks, and behavioural patterns, created by past hurt and trauma, that have been trapped in our physical bodies, by changing our body’s behaviour.

The process allows us to identify the issue we face, find the root cause of it and then heal it, allowing us to step into our full power, impacting our performance in every area in our lives, and coming back home to our body.

We do this by optimizing five important somatic elements of the human experience – Elegance, Intention, Tempo, Sabrosura and Mystery - that collectively influence our confidence, meaning and drive, sense of enjoyment, love and playfulness. These elements form our true essence, the way we were born before any layers got added.



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Nicholas Janni

Founder, Core Presence

Chen Lizra takes the practice of somatic intelligence to a remarkable new level of depth, precision and impact. Her years of study and her fierce commitment to understanding transformation have made her an inspirational practitioner of the very highest order.

For Him

For Her

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Why should you sign up? If…

  • You want to step up your game

  • You’d like to learn how to let go of the tension, stress and burnout

  • You want to overcome insecurities and be fully confident

  • You’d like to overcome past hurt that’s preventing you and blocking you from reaching your full potential

  • You wish to learn how to lead from your femininity while being a powerhouse

  • You’d like to learn how to motivate by asking, not pushing

  • You’d like to become more feminine

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Why should you sign up?? If…

  • You want to step up your game

  • You’d like to learn how to let go of the tension, stress and burnout

  • You want to overcome insecurities and be fully confident

  • You’d like to develop a higher emotional intelligence and better communication, adding it to your rational

  • You’d like to upgrade your leadership - leading like a boss, but with sensitivity

  • You’d like to learn how to motivate by asking,not pushing

  • You’d like to become more of a gentleman


Esther Perel

Psychologist, author, TED Speaker

You want to be successful personally and professionally. Chen Lizra avoids the pitfalls of business skills and techniques and instead takes you to the heart of the matter: the human factor. Your relationship with yourself and your body, our primary home, where we learn to love, trust, and act. Chen brings you home, and restores connection.



More confidence, self-awareness, power, clarity, focus, vitality, sensitivity, softness, motivation, happiness, higher resilience, and a clear direction.

Take You by the Hand

The Somatic Intelligence assessment is the process of assessing our 5 Elements of Somatic Intelligence in order to identify our weak and strong areas. This allows us to create a blueprint and a road-map - a Somatic Intelligence Assessment report - from which we can work to optimize your performance.

The process starts with a 1 on 1 coaching session in which we together go over an in-depth questionnaire of the past, present and the future, identifying the areas in your life where you feel blocked or like things are not flowing. We take you by the hand, step by step, helping you develop aware for your blind spots.

So how does it work? Each somatic element is linked to certain values. For example: elegance is linked to integrity, patience, respect, humility, loyalty etc.

Based on the cognitive issue you are facing, we identify the somatic element associated with it, through the values. We then bring this somatic element to its optimal place. We do this through conscious movement, cognitive exercises, reprogramming of your body language and more.

This is not a turn key solution fit all. It’s tailored specifically to who you are as a person and your specific needs.

Our emotions impact our body and mind, but it goes the other way around too. Somatics use the body to shift how we feel and think by changing the chemistry in our bodies. When we feel something through the body, we understand right away the results and know if they are right for us or not, because we understand faster through the body than through the mind.

We invite you to use the link below to book an assessment. The price includes 1 hour of somatic coaching, after the assessment is done, to help you experience the benefits of Somatic Intelligence before you decide if you’d like to commit to a full 10 hours package.

The process takes place in a non-judgmental environment feeling compassion and caring, allowing you to let go and simply explore.


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Yona Yaniv

Chief hand surgery at one of Israel’s top hospitals.

Being a doctor, being a surgical doctor... the pace of life just constantly increases, and the private time shrinks. Family, patients, surgeries – great responsibility and extra special attention. A bit of the whirlwind of life, with a lot of adrenaline which gives a sense of “high” on one hand, but also produces considerable pressure on the other. These are manifested, along with impatience, muscle tension and pain in the back, feet and hands.

In the course of working with Chen Lizra, on one hand I experience the somatic softening, that leads to the relaxation of the cramped muscles, and on the other hand, expanding my emotional ability to contain, leading to more emotional softening. My patients can attest to this, as evidenced by one of their latest published quotes: “Dr. Yona Yaniv is an excellent specialist physician… and on a personal level she is a charming woman who is attentive to the patient’s problems.”

In conclusion, replacing some of the adrenaline with endorphins with the help of Chen’s method, contributed to the reduction of my stress – both physical and mental – and led me to a better, more professional and emotional place.


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Paula Toledo

TED Speaker, Mental Health Advisor & Artist

I learned about Chen Lizra after hearing her engaging interview on the Lewis Howe’s School of Greatness Podcast. I was taken by her personal journey, triumphantly claiming the life she wanted for herself despite the mental health challenges resulting from the effects of being raised by a mentally ill mother.  

Reaching out and connecting with Chen was a pivotal moment for me in facing my own fear of stepping out of the shadows of self-stigmatization of mental illness within my own family. Chen helped me to launch a purposeful career as a speaker, giving me perspective to process the post traumatic growth that resulted from the loss of my husband to suicide when my sons were 2 weeks and 2 years old. 

 Chen empowered me to free the somatic imbalances that were hindering my true self and purpose. Her tools of observation, body awareness, mindfulness, envisioning, somatic coaching and even business strategy were invaluable to me and I continue to draw upon them daily. Through her coaching, I gained the confidence needed to give an impactful TED Talk and WE Day speech.  I would highly recommend Chen, her hyper focused energy and know-how in transforming leaders is a rare skill and talent. 



Recruitment & Personnel Management Director in a retail company

I came to Chen Lizra after I saw real change in a friend who worked with her.

My main goal as an HR Manager was to empower my self-confidence and to develop inner strength. At the beginning of the process, I didn’t quite get it. But in the course of my acquittance with Chen, her method and its precision, I feel now like a different person with increased confidence, and with a lot more inner self-worth.

The combination of the work through the body, from a somatic aspect, and the conversations about different challenges I faced, impacted my performance at work – strengthened my self-confidence in places where I could not express myself before, I now succeed at managing people from a leading position and leadership ability that I didn’t have before. At the same time, I learned to do it in an assertive but very soft way, from a feminine side that softens the other side and brings me the results I wanted.

Many of my emotional blocks were released as a result of the process. I learned to trust myself and say what I really think in an effective and elegant way. I manage to convey my messages in a way that achieves my goals.  As a result of this process, I feel focused, stronger and softer – a woman who knows how to combine all of the elements yet in different aspects.



Lacked self-confidence, had a cracking voice & male aggressive energy

I'm amazed by Chen! Her intellect, wisdom, authenticity and hard work. She takes keen interest in understanding one's needs and formulates the plan accordingly. Her methods are comprehensive and produce amazing results. I have appreciated Chen’s ability to guide me in a logical way through decisions by allowing me to be an active participant in this process, and to hold me accountable. I was amazed and delighted that she also stressed on body language which is the key to connecting with others during presentations, which was my goal. The process was fun! And on top of that she offered me one of her fortes – a woman's ability to connect from a soft, feminine and containing place. I thought I was incapable of possessing it. I now know that, the way Chen teaches it, allure is crucial for defining one’s persona and their influence in this world, from a place of an authentic connection. I am proud and grateful to have had the opportunity to know her and to learn from her. I would recommend Chen to anyone who is committed to personal development.

Went through a lot of abuse and trauma

I just wanted to share something that happened to me this morning. I have been doing my homework. I was sitting on the bus today and I was listening to music and I had this moment - I was thinking about myself as a person and I saw myself objectively for the first time in my life I could not describe the feeling but all I know is that I wanted to hysterically cry on the top of my lungs, cause my heart felt so warm and I felt this Immense amount of gratitude. I think for the first time I actually felt the feeling you describe as self-love for like a good 5 minutes. I felt so complete in the moment and just good enough. And I saw myself in such a different light. Thanks for being you!

Came in feeling lost & with suicidal thoughts

Dear Chen, I do not have enough words to thank you for the path I got to travel together with you. Our many conversations showed me the light at the end of the tunnel and opened my eyes to places I did not even dare dream or say out loud. Now, having come a long way, there's something new and I am ready and willing to face and fight for my dreams using a blueprint and tools you equipped me with. The feeling is full of hope, motivation and curiosity. Although I expect the road to still be long, but it would have not existed if you had not offered me a helping hand, pulling and pushing me into a critical momentum. While writing these words, I am flooded by memories from the beginning, and right now I do not have a sense of frustration and self-hatred in me, but self-esteem and a lot of hope.  I'll see you again of course. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Arrived mumbling, emotionally broken, unfocused and with a shattered self-image

I believe Chen's work is magic. After our very first private session I started to notice the tremendous change inside me. I have been very precise in implementing all the tools she kindly shared with me. Having gone through quite a few experiences together, each time I notice how much I learn, how diverse and professional her approach is, how deep her goodwill is and how sensitive her intuition is. She manages to nourish your soul, clear your mind, making you accept yourself as you are, showing you how fun it is to listen, love and appreciate yourself. Her glow stays with you all week long, and best of it is that it gives you courage to take steps to new and healthy beginnings. Her approach is holistic – seeing one fully and completely. She makes you believe in yourself every day more. You grow into this new perception and it becomes part of you, while slowly but determinately opening the doors that have seemed impossible to be possible. Thank you, Chen.