Somatic Intelligence Assessment & Coaching

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Nicholas Janni

Founder, Core Presence

Chen Lizra takes the practice of somatic intelligence to a remarkable new level of depth, precision and impact. Her years of study and her fierce commitment to understanding transformation have made her an inspirational practitioner of the very highest order.

Our personality, our most important competence, is one of the top assets we have for success, yet so little time is focused on developing the human factor and connection.

Emotional blocks and past hurt, create an emotional imprint that prevents us from reaching our full potential, impacting our performance and quality of life. The emotional blocks turn into a somatic freeze that limits what is possible for us. When the inner and the outer don’t align through authenticity and embodiment, something is off.

Somatic Intelligence is the process of releasing and reprogramming stuck energy, emotional blocks, and beahvioural patterns, created by past hurt and trauma, that have been trapped in our physical bodies, by changing our body’s beahviour.

The process allows us to identify the issue we face, find the root cause of it and then heal it, allowing us to step into our full power, impacting our performance in every area in our lives, and coming back home to our body.

We do this by optimizing five important somatic elements of the human experience – Elegance, Intention, Tempo, Sabrosura and Mystery - that collectively influence our confidence, meaning and drive, sense of enjoyment, love and playfulness. These elements form our true essence, the way we were born before any layers got added.

The Somatic Intelligence assessment is the process of assessing our 5 Elements of Somatic Intelligence in order to identify our weak and strong areas. This allows us to create a road map - a Somatic Intelligence Assessment report - from which we can work to optimize our performance.

The process starts with a 1 on 1 coaching session in which we together go over an in-depth questionnaire of the past, present and the future, identifying the areas in your life where you feel blocked or like things are not flowing.

So how does it work? Each somatic element is linked to certain values. For example: elegance is linked to integrity, patience, respect, humility, clarity, fairness, ethics, peace, Independence, listening, accountability, reliability, recognition, mindfulness, responsibility, and loyalty.

Based on the cognitive issue you are facing, we identify the somatic element associated with it, through the values. We then bring this somatic element to its optimal place. We do this through conscious movement, cognitive exercises, reprogramming of your body language and more.

This is not a turn key solution fit all. It’s tailored specifically to who you are as a person and your specific needs.

Our emotions impact hour body and mind, but it goes the other way around too. Somatics use the body to shift how we feel and think by changing the chemistry in our bodies. When we feel something through the body, we understand right away the results and know if they are right for us or not, because we understand faster through the body than through the mind.

We invite you to use the link below to book an assessment. The price includes 1 hour of somatic coaching, after the assessment is done, to help you experience the benefits of Somatic Intelligence before you decide if you’d like to commit to a full 10 hours package.

The process takes place in a non-judgmental environment feeling compassion and caring, allowing you to let go and simply explore.