Somatic Intelligence Assessment


Somatic Intelligence is the process of raising self-awareness through bodywork and experiencing, leading to more powerful behavioural patterns that align our inner and outer lives. We do this by optimizing five important somatic elements of the human experience – Elegance, Intention, Tempo, Sabrosura and Mystery - that collectively influence our confidence, meaning and drive, sense of enjoyment, love and playfulness.

The Somatic Intelligence assessment is the process of assessing our 5 Elements of Somatic Intelligence in order to identify our weak and strong elements. This allows us to create a blueprint from which we can work to reach our optimal way of life. 

The process starts with a 1 on 1 coaching session in which we together go over an in-depth questionnaire of the past, present and the future, identifying the areas in your life where you feel blocked or like things are not flowing well. We identify what emotions are underneath these areas of potential growth and identify the link between the cognitive and the somatic. Through this process a road-map is created - a Somatic Intelligence Assessment report - that shows which elements will restore the natural flow of each blocked area and will align your inner with your outer life. From there we move on to mixed cognitive and somatic sessions where we work on releasing the blocks and restoring the natural flow. 

The process allows us to come back to our true nature, coming back home to our body (our soma) - our primary home - where we learn how to love, trust and connect. Somatic Intelligence helps us develop self-awareness for the challenges we face and shows us what changes we need to implement into our daily practices in order to embody and ingrain these changes, reaching our optimal way of life.

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