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The Power of Somatic Intelligence came to life out of a quest I started at the age of 20 to find my true self. I was buried under a lot of layers of expectations and broken from the childhood I grew up in, next to a mentally ill mom.
— Chen Lizra


Upcoming Retreats


the power of the sabrosura (Women) cuba 

The Sabrosura is one of Cuba’s best kept secrets - life's fairy dust magic. It’s the sensuality that’s inside each and every one of us; when it gets released in the body we feel physical self-love. Yet the sabrosura is not just any kind of sensuality, it is a state of true pleasure and ultimate self-worth. In this program, we will expose you to the magic of the sabrosura, allowing you to reclaim your innate feminine true nature and to tap into your inner feminine strength and self-worth.

Elegance - Power of Somatic Intelligence

the power of elegance (Men)

Bringing back the lost language of body. Elegance is not about what we wear but about how we carry our body, the quietness of being ourselves and self-worth. It is a Power Pose affecting our behavior and the results - our sense of confidence and emotional sturdiness. This unique program will allow you to learn new tools for becoming a gentleman, helping you realize your male power, while understanding the subtleties of being vulnerable - when to take charge, when to let go, and how to instill confidence in a woman so that she will trust you and let go. 

Mystery - Power of Somatic Intelligence

The power of our mystery (mixed) Dominicans

Men and women alike possess a life energy within them – one that lights us up with an internal fire, makes us playful, and attracts to us. It is our mischievousness - our youthful, fun, playful, and at times mysterious yet respectful spirit, which is our special ingredient, our unique sauce. Learning how to tap into this life energy, of keeping the maybe alive, is important because when used at the right amount it lights up our passion for life and connection, keeping an important internal fire alive.

Enjoyment - Power of Somatic Intelligence

the power of enjoyment (mixed)

Enjoyment is key to our happiness and satisfaction in life. In the past, our body movements were much gentler, releasing a natural high as we walked, talked etc. In today's busy world the lines have blurred between enjoyment and responsibility. We get addicted to doing, which is hurting our relationships and human happiness. Connecting to our inner rhythm of enjoyment is about re-teaching our body how to tune to the right channel, so we can take pleasure from the simplest of things, enjoying this beautiful journey called life.

Intention - Power of Somatic Intelligence

the power of intention (mixed)

Become inspired to live an intentional way of life, on purpose, and with an open loving heart. This program is ideal for reconnecting to the truest version of yourself and building the confidence to live the life you desire. It is designed for you to find your personal power through body work, through experiencing, tapping into your goal fulfilling force, while balancing it with your softer and more approachable side. Suitable for anyone who wants to understand that they are only bound by the limits they create.  

Luxury Program - Power of Somatic Intelligence

the luxury program (mixed)

When we reach a state of wealth and comfort, we get spoiled, we seek perfection in everything around us. Less than that is unacceptable. But we seek growth at the same time, we seek life lessons, and at times these two sides can collide. The Luxury program is an opportunity for you to experience both at the same time. You’ll be able to stay in Cuba at the highest comfort that exists while being challenged by this program, challenging your boundaries and getting you completely out of your comfort zone.  


Our Method

What is Somatic Intelligence? It's the process of raising self-awareness through bodywork and experiencing, which leads to change in behavioural patterns for  the better. The word somatic comes from the word soma - the body. Getting out of our heads and back into our bodies, learning how to tap into our own emotional intelligence, coming back to true nature, allowing us to make more intentional decisions. The process, based on a unique one-of-a-kind method - The 5 Elements of Somatic Intelligence - helps us reach our optimal way of life, affecting our performance and sense of personal sturdiness. The way to our heart is through our body.  


Our Values

The core values that guide us are:

Authenticity |Daring | Pleasure | Integrity | Perseverance| Inspiration.



Our Tribe

The Power of Somatic Intelligence is a community of people wishing to push themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of and understand that they are only bound by the limits they create. It is about connecting with like minded people, letting go of society's expectations, and daring to be the truest version of ourselves. It's about gaining practical tools for developing meaningful relationships and connecting to ourselves by unlocking the wisdom of the heart. Learning how to love and accept ourselves; going home with a strong intention feeling inspired to live each day from our authentic powerful true self. It's about a community of people that wish to live life differently and to impact the world.


Love from Our Friends

Find out how our international friends feel about their adventures with us and what they gained out of joining our retreats and tribe.  


Reserve Your Adventure

Allow your heart to open up. Let the adventure take you out of your comfort zone leaving what you know and is expected of you. Approach life with bewilderment. Release the old patterns and embrace new ones that lead you to the exact  life you dream of that inspires you.