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The Power of Somatic Intelligence came to life out of a quest I started at the age of 20 to find my true self. I was buried under a lot of layers of expectations and broken from the childhood I grew up in, next to a mentally ill mom.
— Chen Lizra


Upcoming Retreats


the power of the sabrosura (Women)-cuba 

Women today face many challenges, roles and stresses, and along the way many lose the connection to their innate femininity, but some never had a good role model growing up. Female change makers start to operate from male energy which tires them up. It’s time to come back home to yourself, to your body, and to tap into your full feminine power.

Elegance - Power of Somatic Intelligence

the power of elegance (Men)

Many men today feel confused and unsure of the rules of the game. The modern man needs to be strong yet vulnerable, provide but be equal, go after but be respectful… Being a gentleman could not be more relevant, understanding when to take charge, when to let go, and how to instill confidence in a woman so that she will trust you and let go. 


The power of our mystery (Men & Women)

Many have asked Chen Lizra, following her 8.5 million views TED Talk, but how do you do it?

This retreat is the answer!

One retreat focused on singles and the other on couples, creating desire and lighting up your fire. Don’t miss out!

the power of enjoyment (Men & Women)-MOROCCO 

High performing change makers feed of the sometimes-manic pace of their work and responsibilities, leading to a high degree of stress, burnout and even anxiety. In this retreat, specifically focused around “Tempo,” we’ll unlock the inner rhythm of your body, the antidote to stress, activating more energy and vitality.

Intention - Power of Somatic Intelligence

the power of intention (Men & Women)-ISRAEL

Life without purpose is like a vehicle without a driver. To live the best life possible for you, you must create your own unique road-map that lights you up, then learn how to get fully intentional towards it, in order to manifest what you want. Yet, you must also learn how to master the two energies of your full power but without losing your soft side.

Chen Lizra - A-Fest 2018 Bali -  Photo by Karen Harms.jpg


For VIP clients who wish for more privacy and to be trained 1 on 1 by Chen Lizra, but not in a public retreat, you can now book Chen for a private day or a sequence of days. Not only, but you can meet and work with her in Israel, Morocco or Cuba, for a tailored retreat specific to the issue you wish to work on to improve your performance.


Our Method

What is Somatic Intelligence? It's the process of releasing and reprogramming stuck energy, emotional blocks, and behavioural patterns, created by past hurt and our circumstances, that have been trapped in our physical bodies, by changing our body language, and through conscious movement and cognitive exercises.

The process, based on a unique one-of-a-kind method - The 5 Elements of Somatic Intelligence - helps us reach our optimal way of life, affecting our performance in every area of our lives. The way to our heart is through our body.  


Our Values

The core values that guide us are:

Authenticity |Daring | Pleasure | Integrity | Perseverance| Inspiration.



Our Tribe

The Power of Somatic Intelligence is a global community of change makers wishing to elevate their performance in every area of their lives, pushing themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of, and understanding that they are only bound by the limits they create. A community of inspiring change makers wishing to leave a positive impact on the world, who are committed to releasing and healing their own past hurt and emotional blocks first, allowing them to tap into their full potential. It's about a community of like-minded loving people that wish to lead by example while impacting the world.


Love from Our Tribe

Find out how our international friends feel about their adventures with us and what they gained out of joining our retreats and tribe.  


Reserve Your Adventure

Allow your heart to open up. Let the adventure take you out of your comfort zone leaving what you know and is expected of you. Approach life with bewilderment. Release the old patterns and embrace new ones that lead you to the exact  life you dream of that inspires you.