Coming back home to the body.

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The Power of Somatic Intelligence came to life out of a quest I started at the age of 20 to find my true self. I was buried under a lot of layers of expectations and broken from the childhood I grew up in, next to a mentally ill mom.

This quest led me to many continents and countries – studying Zen Buddhism in an old traditional dojo in Japan, attending a silent Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Canada, studying bodywork such as Capoeira, Kyokushin Karate, Samba, 5 Rhythms, Contact Improvisation, and Lindy Hop and Swing. I spent a lot of time in nature in Canada, Australia and Cuba connecting with our natural flow. I got to explore and attend courses, personal sessions and lectures in different disciplines such as Laban Movement Analysis, Internal Family System Therapy, Landmark Education, Embodiment, Somatic Awareness, Water Rebirthing, Breath work, cognitive coaching and more. 

Each part of this journey gave me unique tools and insights which I incorporated into the Power of Somatic Intelligence. The most impactful tool on my soma (body), on my mental health, and ultimately on my performance and success, were the practical tools I gained in Cuba.

Since Cuban society was still living in the past, I could

take a time machine back each time, and see how we used to live and the benefits we got out of this lifestyle. What I discovered was that the daily body language we had, used to release endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin in the body, as we were walking, talking etc.,affecting our sense of happiness and satisfaction in life. Not only, but this knowledge had the power to heal traumas as well.

As the Western world got busy with technology and started running at an extremely fast pace in order to succeed, we disconnected from the natural rhythm of the body, getting addicted to the pace of the race. We started living more and more out of our heads, using tons of words, thinking too much and not feeling enough.

The 5 elements of Somatic Intelligence allow us to bring back what we’ve lost due to our current daily lifestyle, and show us what changes we need to implement into our daily practices in order to embody and ingrain these changes, reaching our optimal way of life.

For the longest time I felt like I have stumbled upon an incredible human treasure. That if I could just have people around the world experience these magical feelings, they would not want to live in any other way. We could all live a much happier, more connected, balanced and fulfilled lives, while being part of a strong community supporting this lifestyle.  

The Power of Somatic Intelligence is my way of sharing this gift with all of you and rooting for this to become our new status quo.


Chen Lizra

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