Our Values

Here are the values that guide us in life and that we hope will inspire you to embody on a daily basis, so that you can live a life of greatness.



The truth starts with how honest we are with ourselves of the gap between how we view ourselves and how we really are. Being our truest and most genuine version of ourselves - what you see is what you get. Being clear and sincere about our intentions. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable when needed and nonjudgmental towards others. Living inside what is real, and not inside the story we could fabricate that dilutes our strength.



Every interaction leaves a mark on us and others whether we notice it or not. The trick is spending time developing the kind of mindset that focuses on turning any darkness into beauty, seeing possibilities in every challenge. Our ability to turn what feels like a curse into a gift. Forgiving everything and finding meaning and love in all we choose in life or end up with – that’s where the magic starts.

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Keeping our word strong, aligning our actions with what we do - building trust through small deeds over time. Being responsible, reliable and accountable for our actions - past and present - and having strong ethics. Being loyal and feeling strong support for the people we love - our family, the tribe. 



Having an adventurous courage to step out of our comfort zone and what is expected of us, to try new things, to believe that we can have what we want in life, and then dare go after it. To live courageously is to demand of ourselves to be accurate - to live exactly as we feel, out of love, acceptance and respect for others.



Never giving up and remaining sturdy in achieving our goals, despite challenges and setbacks. The only option we leave ourselves is success on this roller-coaster ride. Learning how to not just sprint, but hold our vision for long distances like when running a marathon.



Giving ourselves the permission and finding daily moments where we can feel happy, satisfied and a sense of enjoyment. Letting go of the doing and the task list. Learning to see beauty and magic in the simplest most mundane things.