Esther Perel
You want to be successful personally and professionally. Chen Lizra avoids the pitfalls of business skills and techniques and instead takes you to the heart of the matter: the human factor. Your relationship with yourself and your body, your relationships with others. The body, our primary home, is where we learn to love, trust, and act. Chen brings you home, and restores connection. Then she unleashes your confidence, the bridge to relationships. Emboldened and unstoppable, you take off for your highest reach. Her approach is deceptively simple, like all allegories that touch on archetypal stories. I attended Chen’s workshop in New York, Odysseus came to mind, our quest for home and journey.
— Esther Perel - Psychologist, Author, 2 x TED Speaker - USA

Working with an experienced, authentic and full of joy trainer. Working with the body and the soul. Privacy is maintained and humanity bursts. Too bad I didn’t do the workshop 5 years ago. It’s good that I did the workshop now.

At #tedxvan2012 yesterday, @ChenLizra shared that lack of media in Cuba means people have a much better #bodyimage. Amazing!
— @ProjectTrue, Canada

Self-confidence leads to success in any area of your life - @chenlizra My favourite talk so far today. #tedxvan2012.
— @lovesaschie, Canada

Adi Sapan
What an amazing and innovative program. About Tony Robbins’s seminar it was said: ‘Life will never be the same.’ After your program I can certainly say that it was life changing. I learned a new word – sabrosura. I recommend for each of you to find out what it is. Thank you for a perfect experience.
— Adi, Israel

Isilsu Vural
I am playing with ‘pride’ since yesterday, practicing the posture and the sensation in my body, taking a lot from the sabrosura. It works like a charm. I can feel how my heart warms and fills with self-love immediately.
— Su, Turkey

Your personality is absolutely incredible. I learned so much from you. Thank you so much. In your seminar I found answers - why things happened the way they did. My husband and I lost connection to ourselves and he got closer to another woman. And you cannot love someone properly when you do not love yourself. Until this year my self-image was not clear – I was very insecure. In your program, I found so many answers to so many questions, that from last Saturday on I also felt that something changed in my life. That’s why I am so grateful to have met you.
— Laura, Germany

This program is a break for yourself – reconnecting with your femininity, taking pleasure and being satisfied and happy with who you are. The tools you will receive will allow you to improve your self-awareness and your relationships, from the closest ones to your public persona and intimate. .
— Anonymous, Israel